Molten basketball innendørs, komposittlær, B5G4000 ( SIZE 5 )

FIBA-godkjent basketball, str. 5, komposittlær, innendørs


  • BG4000 is the entry level ball for this premium indoor lineup. It is made of a premium composite leather material with a butyl bladder.
  • BG4500 is one step above the BG4000 and is the new equivalent of the GG range. This has all the features of the BG4000 but with an additional layer of cushioning to provide a more delicate feel with additional durability.
  • B5000 is the flagship model that is the only genuine leather ball (in the Molten range) that is officially used in major FIBA tournaments and The Basketball World Cup. If worn in properly this by far will be the most durable and well balanced basketball of the range.*

*Please note as this is a genuine leather ball it will need to be broken in before it is suitable to be used as a game ball. It will feel slippery when new. From our experience we would recommend giving this ball approximately 50 hours of use before it can be considered as a «game ball».

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